Clank-Less Tote

(With Juice Pockets!)
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Clank-Less Tote

(With Juice Pockets!)
Are you in our delivery zone?

This sturdy canvas tote, made from organic cotton, has a rich inner life: Peek inside to discover six juice-sized pockets, into which your 300 mL and 340 mL bottles will nestle snugly.

It was designed to meet all your environmentally friendly, jostle-free beverage transportation needs.

You can clank us later.

Shelf Life: A Long Time, with a Little Tender Love and Care
Keep Refrigerated: Kidding! But Do Handwash Me Only, Please
  • - Always Organic
  • - Cold Pressed to Order in Toronto
  • - No Added Sugars or Artificial Ingredients
  • - Bottled in Reusable Glass